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BCG Fishing Gear Sales and Hire Shop BCG渔具销售租赁中心 = (Tourism)

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BCG, Fishing Gear Sales and hire Shop.Over 10years trading. Strong business in hire section situation next to major fishing spot. Large product range and 4professional staff BCG渔具销售租赁中心,临近主要钓鱼景点,商机无限。10年成长为一间大型的钓鱼中心,生意不断持续增强,中心内拥有4位专业辅导人员,负责教授学员钓鱼技巧。
Address 地址: 1 Private St
City 城市: Ripponlea
State 州: VIC
Postcode 邮编: 1000
Country 国家: Melbourne
Asking Price 叫价: 580000
Business Migration Ready 能用作投资移民申请: Yes
Year Founded 创建年份: 2000
Annual Net Profit 年净利润: $260,000
Annual Business Turnover 年经营总额: $750,000
Status 状态: Active
Email: shellann.x.x@gmail.com

Agent Info

Phone 电话: 215.850.0710 | Mobile 手机: 215.850.0710 | Fax 传真: 702.995.6591
Homepage 个人主页http://chineseproperties.com.au


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